Parent Forum

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St Joseph’s has an excellent system of parent involvement, which works very successfully in our school. There is no ‘P & C’ in the traditional sense but more of a sharing of responsibility, participation and decision making.

The Parent Forum covers a number of areas of school life including fundraising, class parents, grounds and environment, arts and celebrations, parent education, religious education, library etc. Parent Forum oversee and provide guidance, direction and support to the School Principal as well as ensuring that their is 'Parent Voice'  & 'Parent Community'.

The 'forum' meet usually once a Term to discuss how the school is progressing, any support that is needed or to discuss parental suggestions or concerns. ALL PARENTS are welcome to attend these meetings. Currently our School Parents who sit with 'Executive' positions on the 'Forum' are:

President Lauren Kirkland
Secretary Bec Upston
Treasurer Rebekah Jillett
Parent Assembly Bel Chapman
Parent Reps Caitlyn Thomas (Kindy)
  Alison Barrett (Year 1)
  Josie Donaldson (Year 2)
  Michelle Firth (Year 3)
  Connie Ellis (Year 4)
  Jessica Elms (Year 5)
  Bec Bennett (Year 6)
Parish Rep VACANT

Parent Forum are always looking for feedback and suggestions on the direction of our school, if you would like to raise anything with the 'Forum' please fill in the message form below. All messages & suggestions will be discussed at the next scheduled meeting.

School Volunteers

Volunteers bring a rich and diverse mixture of culture, life experience and expertise from their communities. They complement and enhance the student-centred care provided by our staff.

Our volunteers enrich the quality of life for our students and their families and are in turn, enriched by their experiences.

To be a Catholic school volunteer, you must be 18 years of age or older and have completed your schooling. You must be of good character.

We welcome and thank you for your interest in offering to be a volunteer in our school community. You are providing a gift like no other when you spend your time with us.

Please make an appointment with the School Principal to discuss a role that may be suitable.

Applicants will need to have a current WWC number and complete an online form for the Catholic Schools Office, Lismore.