Winnie the Pooh - St Joey's Musical


Thursday 26th October 6pm

An evening performance will be held for parents and the comunity on Thursday 26th October.

Dinner will be availbale to purchase from 6pm, with the show commencing at 6:30pm. Entry is by gold coin/s donation with the fundraising going towards the 2024 Joeys Creative Arts program.

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Library News

Please see below the Clarence Valley Council Library School Holiday Program. Please note that events require bookings unless specified differently on the poster – bookings are made via their website. You can also book by calling the library or going to see them in person.

Miss Alesha

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Upcoming School Dates

  • Last day of term for students (Thursday 21st September)
  • Staff Development Day (Friday 22nd September)
  • Staff Development Day (Monday 9th October 2023)
  • First day of term 4 for students (Tuesday 10th October)
  • Soctober Celebration Day (Thursday 19th October)
  • School Musical - Pre-school performances (Tuesday 24th - Thursday 26th October)
  • School Musical - Family & Parents performance (Thursday 26th October 6:00pm)
  • Year 5 Exuro Retreat (Friday 27th October) 
  • Grandparents Day (Thursday 2nd November)
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Parent Forum

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Class Awards

Our Principal's Award winners this week are:

Principal Awards

Kindy:  Torah Kelly

Year 1: Sylvie Donaldson

Year 2: Bella Camilleri

Year 3: Blake Hausler

Year 4: Riley Elms

Year 5: Maria Taylor-Walker

Year 6: Olive Ardrey

Our Class Award winners this week are: 

KindergartenSapphire Everett

Millie Patten

Lexi Want

Year 1Roxy BaileyRose Mclennan
Year 2Dotti KempNoa Chapman
Year 3Archie PattenSophia Wright
Year 4Owen MossJack Kirkland
Year 5Tully WhiteGrace Bell
Year 6Dayla ChapmanTom Hourigan

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School Sport

Touch Football Gala Day

On Friday, the 15th of September Stage 2 & 3 travelled to the Angourie Sports Complex to participate in the Yamba Touch Gala Day. It was a great day where students could put the skills we have been developing through our touch program throughout the term. More importantly, it was a chance for our students to interact and have fun with students from schools in the local area. Students played either 4 or 5 matches against teams from other schools with the main focus on fun and inclusion. This ensured all students got plenty of game time, allowing them to be active and work together as a team. Everyone had a great day, and I would like to thank all the staff and students for representing our school in this community event that helps develop relationships between schools and students from the area.

Stage 2 & Stage 3 Surfing & Swimming for Sport

During Term 4, Stage 2 & Stage 3 students are offered the opportunity to undertake a 6 weeks surfing program with Surf Camp Down Under. further information and an opportunity to book a place in our Surfing Program will go out in Week 1 next term.

Kindy, Stage 1 and those not particiapting in Surfing, we will be participating in Swmming & Water Safety at the Maclean Olympic Pool.  The program will involve elements of water safety (survival & rescue) as well as focusing on: body position, leg action, arm action and breathing to develop correct technique and competency in the water environment.

Mr Hitchings

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Community Notices

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Mission & Values

Staff Spirituality Day

Tomorrow, our staff will attend a whole-school Spirituality Day at Brooms Head. This special day allows our dedicated staff members to take a break from their busy schedules and focus on their spiritual well-being. We will have the opportunity to connect with nature whilst engaging in prayer and spiritual reflection activities.  These days are led by the Bishop (via video recordings) and through such moments of renewal our staff can continue to inspire and guide your children effectively.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and will leave you with a prayer for the end of term.

Dear Lord,

As we conclude this term, we come before you with gratitude for the journey we've shared as a school community. We thank you for the knowledge gained, friendships formed, and the growth we've experienced.

Please bless each student, teacher, staff member, and parent.

Grant us guidance, inspiration, and strength.

Watch over us and our families as we look forward to a break.

May we return refreshed and ready for any new challenges.

Help us remember those in need, and may our community always be a source of support and kindness.

In your name, we pray.


Mrs Mullins

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Leader of Learning

I don’t know how they teach maths at school now!
I have often heard this statement made by parents, so this week, I am including some PL (Parent Learning) on a topic we all know well…addition and subtraction.
Being ‘good’ at adding and subtracting is a useful life skill for everyone, and being able to do it  ‘in your head’ is really useful. We teach our students age-appropriate, efficient strategies for addition and subtraction together with estimating a reasonable answer.  I have included some strategies from our Maths Syllabus so that next time you are doing maths with your can impress them with how ‘smart’ you are! 

Kindy and Stage 1

  • counting on from the larger number to find the total of two numbers
  • counting back from a number to find the number remaining
  • counting on or back to find the difference between two numbers
  • using doubles and near doubles, eg 5 + 7: double 5 and add 2
  • combining numbers that add to 10, eg 4 + 7 + 8 + 6 + 3: first combine 4 and 6, and 7 and 3, then add 8
  • bridging to 10, eg 17 + 5: 17 and 3 is 20, then add 2 more
  • using place value to partition numbers, eg 25 + 8: 25 is 20 + 5, so 25 + 8 is 20 + 5 + 8, which is 20 + 13

Stage 2 and Stage 3

  • the jump strategy on an empty number line, eg 823 + 56: 823 + 50 = 873, 873 + 6 = 879
  • the split strategy, eg 23 + 35: 20 + 30 + 3 + 5 = 58
  • the compensation strategy, eg 63 + 29: 63 + 30 = 93, subtract 1 to obtain 92
  • using patterns to extend number facts, eg 500 – 200: 5 – 2 = 3, so 500 – 200 = 300
  • bridging the decades, eg 34 + 26: 34 + 6 = 40, 40 + 20 = 60
  • changing the order of addends to form multiples of 10, eg 16 + 8 + 4: add 16 to 4 first
  • using place value to partition numbers, eg 2500 + 670: 2500 + 600 + 70 = 3170
  • partitioning numbers in non-standard forms, eg 500 + 670: 670 = 500 + 170, so 500 + 670 = 500 + 500 + 170, which is 1000 + 170 = 1170

Mrs Bailey

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Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Carers,

Thank you for a lovely last week of Term 3, I trust that everyone will be able to have a restful break with their families.

Term 4 Pupil Free Day

Just a reminder that next term, staff will have a Professional Development Day focusing on the new Year 3-6 English & Mathematics curriculum. During this day, staff will begin to unpack the 2 new syllabi that will begin being implemented in 2024.  Whilst I acknowledge the disruption Professional Learning Days can place on families, I do appreciate your understanding to allow to navigate these changes to the classroom learning.

Students return to school on TUESDAY 10TH OCTOBER

School Fees
Please note that all outstanding school fees for Term 3 must be finalised by Wednesday, 11th October (Week 1, Term 4). Thank you to those families who continue to pay their school fees on time. It is greatly appreciated. Whilst I acknowledge fees can sometimes place financial stress on families, school fees are our main source of income and necessary for our school to be a sustainable organisation.

If any family requires an extension on their term fees, please contact me to discuss a suitable payment arrangement or an approved payment plan that acknowledges your circumstances. To assist with the payment of school fees and other costs (i.e excursions/sporting events), the school accepts payment via Compass Pay, and Direct Debit. The School Office has an Eftpos Merchant Facility available, allowing families the opportunity to pay using a Credit/Debit Card.

Parent Forum - Consitution Change

The Catholic Schools Office requires all schools with a parent representative group that has fundraising capacity to adopt the new Constitution for School Community Forums to ensure uniformity of governing documents. Our Forum will be presenting this constitution for adoption at our Term 4 PF meeting to be held Tuesday 31st October (Week 4). The Constitution is provided here for your information.

School Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all the students who competed in our School Spelling Bee; it was wonderful to see the immense talent in our students regarding spelling. The finals were held last Thursday in front of parents and the whole school, with the following students being crowned our Spelling Bee Champions for 2023:

  • Kindy Champion: Ahlia Connor
  • Stage 1 Champion: Elyse Upston
  • Stage 2 Champion: Alice Davis & Sam Kirkland
  • Stage 3 Champion: Harry Cook

Well done to all our finalists who competed on the day: Zoe Brett, Olive Ardrey, Harry Cook, Tom Hourigan, Roman Hickling, Sam kirkland, Alic Davis, Oli Ward, Max Anderson, Lawson Bell, Elyse Upston, Oliver Want, Ahlia Connor, Torah Kelly, Will Martin & Callie Wright.

SRC Talent Quest

Thank you to everyone who attended our St Joey's Talent Show for 2023. It was a wonderful afternoon; full of wonder, laughs, and awe! Congratulations to all our student finalists who performed on the day as well as classes who were able to perform the music items they have been practising all term. Thank you to Miss Juana and the SRC Captains for organising such a wonderful event. A special congratualtions to our Stage Winners: 

  • Kindy Champions: Ahlia Connor & Luna Wood
  • Stage 1 Champions: Roxy Bailey & Tameeka Cleary Walker and Rose McLennan & Phoebe Senz 
  • Stage 2 Champion: Oskar Bailey
  • Stage 3 Champions: Hudson Ardrey, Huon McLennan & Tate Anderson

Correct School Uniform
When we return in Term 4, it is important that all students present to school wearing their correct school uniform (SUMMER). Please see our Parent Handbook for our Uniform Expectations as a number of our students are starting to wear black shorts that are not 'Plain black' shorts with various brands/logos.

Again, thank you for a lovely term. I trust you will have a safe and rewarding break with your families, and look forward to seeing you again in Term 4.

Kind regards


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Upcoming School Dates

  • Zone Public Speaking Finals (Monday, 11th September)
  • School Spelling Bee Finals (Thursday, 14th September)
  • Yamba Touch Gala Day - S2 & S3 (Friday, 15th September)
  • Last day of term for students (Thursday, 21st September)
  • Staff Development Day (Friday, 22nd September)
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Class News - Stage 3

Stage 3 Camp

Last week Stage 3 had the time of their lives on their Brisbane Excursion. Our four-day/three-night camp was absolutely jam-packed. Below are some excerpts from recounts and highlights the kids have written. 

We went on the Batman spaceshot ride first. As the mechanical parts moved around the bits and bobs, we heard a whooshing sound and a loud voice. My blood was no longer pumping, it was speeding around my body like a river in a freezing cold monsoon. “5…4…3…2..” as he said one we shot off into what felt like the stratosphere. You know that feeling in between rising and falling on a swing set? That was how it felt when we took off.  Tate

My favourite part of camp was Movie World, and it was really fun because of the Superman ride. My 2nd favourite was the football game, and I perfectly guessed the score 22-32! I  was a little scared of the fireworks, though. Liam

The bus ride to St Helena was SOOOOO LONG! When we got there, we met our tour guide. She was super friendly and was also supporting the Broncos. When we got to our boat, our class met Captain Trevor. He was an old man and looked like he had fought a massive fish back in his day. Since I was at the front of the line, I got to go to the top of the boat. It was THE BEST on top of the boat, and you got to see the whole ocean when you were up there.     Bronx

Movie World was definitely my favourite part of camp. It was my first time at a theme park, and I was so nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. When I stepped off the stuffy bus, I got a sweet woof of fresh air. It smelt like hot chips, cotton candy and snow cones. All you could hear was the shrieks of excitement coming from the roller coasters. Dayla

It was an hour and a half wait for The Joker. It has lots of loops, and it is fast. Even though the wait was an hour and a half, it was still worth it because when there is a long line, you know the ride is awesome! When we finally got on the ride, it was so good. We couldn't hold in our excitement we had to scream because it was so fun. Reece

When we went to  Movie World, the first ride that I saw was the Joker roller coaster. I felt a tingle going down my spine.  Seth

 I knew the ride was fast. But, at first, it seemed slow until the loud voice said: "Don't worry folks, there's only one way out of this mess. Heads back. I'll push you out of here. Fast. I’ll push you with my Super Speed.” that's when the rollercoaster pulled it self back and… Whoosh! The ride zoomed up and down. Round and round. This way, that way. It was fun, scary, all of the above. That was an adventure. An experience. Olive

I could feel my heart going faster the closer and closer we got to Movie World. The journey felt like it took forever. When we arrived, we were put into 3 groups. The first group was people who did not like rides, group 2 was people who were scared of the really big rides and group 3 would go on it all.   Gabbi

The fan buzzing, the silky smoothness of our sleeping bags. No wonder we all went to sleep so quickly. The breeze from the fan flowed through my hair. The moonlight coming through the window, the taps of branches on the glass, the wooden floors slightly creaking. The excitement in us for what will happen tomorrow. The safety of knowing our teachers were just outside the bedroom door. My legs were slightly aching, and we finally had the chance to relax and rest our bodies and minds.     Kavanna

After a couple of hours on the bus, we made it into the heart of Brisbane. The first thing we did was go to the Botanical Gardens. Now, this is my opinion,  but I didn't really enjoy it. But after maybe an hour, we went to the Planetarium, and I LOVED IT! Even though I fell asleep for the show, I loved seeing the rocks for the moon and everything. It was really cool to see it all there right above me.   Billy

Before the footy game, they played music, and there was a DJ playing cool music. Sometimes, there would be fire coming out from a post that looked awesome. And I could feel the smoke as I saw it emerge and spiral into the sky. At half-time most people got up to get food and drinks, when I got my hot dog, it smelt really good, and the chips looked so crispy.    Noah

It was our first night at camp. We were wide awake in the left boy's cabin. We were all hyped up for the day to come, but my voice was gone, nothing except a croak when I spoke. The next morning it was an early rise by me and Hailen at 5:00 in the morning. We slowly rose one by one, and with a quick shine from my Dad's $300 flashlight, we were all awake and ready to take on the day!    Huon

At Spark Labs, at the entrance, there is a big Plasma ball that, when you touch it, electric bolts would ZAP you. Just kidding, they're in a glass ball, but if you hugged it and touched someone else's finger, there would be a little electric spark. Do you know why? It works kind of like a battery. When you're touching it, you become a positive, and someone who is not touching it is a negative. When you touch your fingers, it makes electricity.  Hudson

On day 3 of camp, we got up early and headed to the William Gunn Jetty. We hopped on a boat and met our tour guides (they were really nice). On the ride down, my friends and I sat on the top deck and watched the boat slowly traverse through the water. Then we got an announcement saying we were going to speed up…REAL FAST! Whoosh! The boat tilted backwards and was gliding on the top of the water. I quickly put my hat in my bag so I didn’t lose it and peered over the edge. I was trying to find sea life, but we could only find some ducks floating in peace.     Thomas

“To Movie World, we go. To Movie World we go. Ha ho hodle poe. To Movie World, we go,” We were finally off to Movie World! We got there, and the first thing we did was sort into groups. I was in the scary group with Hudson, Huon, Reef, Seth and Recce.      Asher

We departed Camp and were driving to Suncorp Stadium. We had to park about half a kilometre away. We walked into the stadium and went through security. We found our seats and waited for the game to start. The roar of the crowd was crazy! When they kicked off, the crown went silent all of a sudden. U til the commentator started cheering, “Broncos….. Broncos….. Broncos.” Lachlan

I woke up with a rush of excitement because it was the day of Camp! I looked down at my watch. It was 4:30 a.m. “Meesha, hurry up and get downstairs, or you're going to be late”. I ran and brought my suitcase to the car and ate breakfast. We arrived at school at 5:00 am, and I was the first year 5 there. My heart was racing with excitement as I waited for my friends to arrive at school. Meesha

On camp day 4, we got up really early and got on the bus to Movieworld. When we got to Movieworld, we split up into 3 groups - the scary rides, some scary rides and non-scary rides. I went between scary and non-scary rides. The first ride I went on was a rollercoaster that you go on while wearing 4D glasses. The glasses make it look like there are aliens, and you have to shoot them. Reece B

On Thursday, we went to a big abandoned island called St. Helena Island. It was so fun and has a huge history behind it. It is surrounded by a huge, light blue beautiful ocean. We had to get on the island by boat because there is no road to get there. On our way into the island, we had gone on an old-looking bridge that had bird poop all over it as we were all walking in, we could see little stingrays and schools of fish. It was beautiful as we walked in. We could see ruins of the century-old building made out of sandstone. Maria

At the Football game, Mr Layland told us not to dillydally. Then I got a slip so that we could get in. We went through security, and the game started. The Broncos scored the first try, and we did not win, but we tried, and that is all that matters. Millie

At Movieworld, we got in and split into groups, and those were…. Maniac group 3 OK ok, group 2 I am a little one group 1. Now you're probably wondering what group I went in wellllll I went in number 2. So the first ride we went on was the alien invasion 3D version ride where you had glasses on and went in a really scary bit where you had to shoot alien starfish coming at you every second. The second ride we went on 4 times was…… THE ROAD RUNNER! Zoe

The best part of camp for me was the Planetarium. I like space and stuff, and we got to lie down and see the universe projected into the ceiling. There was also a Lego model of a spaceship on display. Hailen

My favourite part of camp was the Wild Wild West ride at Movieworld. It was scary and fun. At the end, you got really wet. I felt like I had been dunked in the ocean. Unfortunately, I was in the front seat. Ta’j 

There were 20 minutes left, and the crowd on the edge of their seats. At the end, it was 22 to the Broncos and 32 to the Storm. The only reason the Broncos lost is because Reece Walsh didn’t play. Some people think it was because his eyebrows weren’t right. Grace

My favourite thing about camp was Movie World because I went on my first ever roller coaster. It was fun, nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. The next day, I felt happy, and I wanted to go back again and again. Jacob

We wake up filled with excitement, ready to start our day at Movie World, finally, after what feels like forever. There, we got sorted into groups and headed inside. We go on the alien invasion 3D ride first, then the road runner. I was too scared to go on it the first time. After that, my best friend and I went to driving school. It was so fun. Alex

It was school camp, and we were on our second day. We were in Brisbane in QLD (Queensland). It was Wednesday, and the sky was cloudy. It was rainy and humid, and the sun would only show now and then. When we just got off the bus, we left to walk to the Art gallery. As soon as we arrived, the building was tall and had a look like it was made from the desert. The building looked as if it was a castle made from sandstone. Avah

The last day was the best because we went to Movie World. The first ride we went on was the Superman, it was a little bit scary, it went really fast. The next ride we went on was the Batman, I thought it was going to be scary because it goes up and down, but it wasn’t at all. Then we went on the Road Runner. It was so much fun that we went on it twice! Then we went on the totally scary carousel. Georgia

Mrs Kinsella, Mrs Senz & Mr G

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Parent Forum

Bronx and Roman Hickling's brother Orlando has beens elcted to represent NSW First Nations Goanna team in the Australian Secondary Schools Ruigby League 14-15yrs Boys Rugby National Championships.

The Hickling fmaily are having a Cupcake Fundraiser to help Orlando.

6 pack of Cupcakes for $30

  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Red Velvet
  • Vanilla
  • Kinder Bueno

Please contact Dee Kapeen on 0423 637 844 to place an order.

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Class Awards

Our Principal's Award winners this week are:

Principal Awards

Kindy:  Zayden Essex

Year 1: Will Ceismann

Year 2: Noa Chapman

Year 3: Sophie Green

Year 4: Oskar Bailey

Year 5: Ta'j Gibbons

Year 6: Hudson Ardrey

Our Class Award winners this week are: 

KindergartenArlo WhiteCallie Wright
Year 1Albie PattenPax Capp
Year 2Dottie KempLawson Bell
Year 3Alice DaviesIsaak Bailey
Year 4Hugo SimpsonBrock Camilleri
Year 5Avah AndersonHailen Capp
Year 6Lachie CoulterBilly Opalnuik

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School Sport

Stage 3 Soccer and Netball Knockout

On Wednesday, 6th September 2023, Stage 3 travelled to the Angourie Sports fields and the Raymond Laurie Sports Center to participate in the Clarence Zone Soccer and Netball Knockout competitions. It was a great day, with all students enjoying a fun day of activity and socialising with students from a variety of Catholic Schools in the Clarence Zone.

Mr Hitchings

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Pastoral Care - School Chaplain

Fathers Day

Along with holding our Father's Day Liturgy for all our wonderful fathers, grandfathers and other significant men in our students' lives, we shared a "Sausage Sizzle" lunch with our students. 

This was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the significant males and build community amongst our parents. We hope our Fathers Day celebration was enjoyed by all. Thank you to those families who were able to join us. The students and staff loved having you here, and you are all welcome back anytime.

Thank you to our incredible SRC, school captains, Deb Mullins and Melissa, for your wonderful service to our school community.

 A special thank you to Meesha Ellis, who helped make the day run smoothly throughout the event. You're amazing, Meesha! 

Thank you also to Christine Morrison- Parent Assembly Coordinator, and Parent Forum for funding this event. Your generosity is much appreciated and wouldn't be possible without your support. 

SRC Funday

Our talented students have been sacrificing their lunch and recess play to practise for our upcoming talent quest. We have hip-hop, skipping, magic, and dance to name a few so far. 

We invite all families to join us for this event. More information will be sent out via compass.

Ms Mead

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Community Notices

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Mission & Values

Mercy In Action Award

Congratulations to our Mercy In Action Award winner this fortnight, Roman Hickling. Roman receives his award in recognition of displaying the Mercy Value of Respect in the way he consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of the importance of treating others with kindness, courtesy, and consideration.
In his interactions with peers and teachers, Roman shows empathy and genuine care for those around them, providing an excellent role model for his fellow students and embodying the value of respect in all aspects of school life.

Congratulations Roman.

Father's Day Liturgy 

I'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the parents who joined us for our special Father's Day liturgy. Our school community came together to celebrate the love, guidance, and support that fathers provide to their children. We hope the words shared during the liturgy reflected the love and respect we have for all the amazing men and women who fulfil a fathership role in our student's lives.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to our school leaders; Bronx, Billy, Dayla, Kavanna, Huon, Hudson, and Olive, who only had the morning to prepare for the liturgy. Their dedication and commitment to creating a meaningful and memorable experience for our students is commendable.

As a school, we are committed to fostering a sense of community and togetherness, and your presence at the Father's Day liturgy was a testament to the strength of our school family. Your support and involvement in your child's education mean the world to us, and we are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate with you.

Thank you once again for attending the Father's Day liturgy and for being such incredible role models for our students. 

Sacramental Program - Reconciliation (Confession)

The date for the sacrament of  Reconciliation for our First Holy Communicants, scheduled for this week, has been postponed. I will communicate the new date for the Reconciliation ceremony as soon as it is finalized.

Just a reminder - First Holy Communion will be held in Term 4 on Sunday, 5th November.

Our communicants this year include:

  • Marlie Cook
  • Jack Kirkland
  • Caide Schlyder
  • Tate Anderson.

Mrs Mullins

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Leader of Learning

Accountable Talk

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, staff have been engaging in professional learning about Accountable Talk.

Accountable talk is an approach that fosters meaningful and collaborative classroom discussions by promoting critical thinking, active listening, and responsible communication among students. It strongly emphasises creating a respectful and inclusive learning environment where students feel comfortable expressing their ideas and perspectives. This method encourages students to support their arguments with evidence, ask clarifying questions, and engage in constructive debates, ultimately helping them develop crucial communication and reasoning skills.

In accountable talk classrooms, teachers guide discussions and model effective communication strategies. They encourage students to challenge their own beliefs, consider alternative viewpoints, and engage in productive dialogue. Accountable talk enhances students' academic growth and equips them with essential life skills that extend beyond the classroom, such as empathy, active listening, and the ability to engage in civil discourse, all of which are crucial in today's diverse and interconnected world.

Parents can play a pivotal role in nurturing accountable talk at home by demonstrating active listening, asking open-ended questions, and being open to diverse perspectives. 

Accountable empowers children to become confident, empathetic, and effective communicators in all aspects of their lives.

Mrs Bailey

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Principal's Message

Dear Families & friends,
I trust that everyone had a wonderful Father's Day celebration & that you were able to celebrate all our dads, step-dads, grandfathers and other significant men in your children's lives. Thank you to all of these males and the incredible role models you are and the guiding presence you play in our children's lives. We are very thankful. Also, a huge thank you to Mrs Deb Mullins & Miss Juana Mead, who made our Father's Day Liturgy & BBQ lunch last week such a memorable and wonderful experience for our dads & students.

Primary Public Speaking Finalists

Last week we also had our Primary Public Speaking Finals, in which students from Years 3-6  competed to be selected to participate in the Clarence Schools Public Speaking Competition at St John Paul College . Congratulations to Sophia Wright (Year 3), Marlie Cook (Year 4), Grace Bell (Year 5) & Kavanna Corcroan (Year 6), who took out our finals and  represented our school this week against students from 12 other Clarence Catholic Primary Schools. From all reports they did a wonderful job showcasing their speaking skills and representing our school.

Staff Development Days - Friday 21st September & Monday 9th October

Just a reminder that next Friday 21st will be as Pupil Free Day with staff taking part in their annual spirituality day at Brooms Head. This day is on opportunity for staff to reflect and grow in their own spirituality and Catholic Faith. Whilst the day is centred around self-reflective exercises, these sessions are run using Videos and modules provided by the Bishop.

Also upon return to Term 4, Monday 9th October will also be Pupil Free Day, with staff engaging in the new English Syllabus currently being employed in K-2 and to be rolled out for Years 3-6 in 2024. Students return to school on TUESDAY 10TH OCTOBER

School Fete 

Last I would just like to say a huge thanks to everyone who was able to attend and contribute to our School Fete over the weekend. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated members of the Parent Forum and our wonderful school community for making our School Fete last weekend an outstanding success.

A special mention to Bec Upston, Lauren Kirkland, Bel Chapman & Sarah Hourigan as without your unwavering support, countless hours of hard work, and enthusiastic participation, this event would not have been possible. Whilst there were a number of other parents and school community members who led aspects of the Fete and assisted in the preparation & lead-up, these four ladies were instrumental in creating a vibrant and memorable event for everyone. The Fete not only brought joy and entertainment to the wider community but also fostered a strong sense of unity and 'sense of belonging' within our school community. Your generosity and commitment to our school are truly appreciated, and we look forward to continuing to work together to create more memorable moments in the future.  

Kind regards


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